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Dreamgear Dg-Dgun-2890 My Arcade Go Gamer Portable - Blue/Black

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The Temperature Range on this unit is a very cool 60 Degrees Fahrenheit and goes up to 88 Degrees Fahrenheit.
Accurate Timer Function. Two Way Air Direction. Even comes with a Remote Control.
Easy to see Green Lettered Digital Display Panel.
Adjustable fan settings. Includes Finger Touch Vent Control.
Antibacterial mesh filter with side, slide out access cleans the air, removing harmful bacteria.
For indoor spaces up to 350 sq/ft best for bedrooms or small apartments.
8,000 BTU mini compact air conditioner for window mounted installation.
Low power start up conserves energy and will help you save money down the road.
Quiet operation keeps you cool without keeping you awake.
Built in Dry Mode function reduces the humidity of the air to make the room more comfortable.


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